Decree No. 61/2016 of the Minister of Agriculture on indicating the absence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has been published on 15th September 2016. It allows the GMO-free labeling of foodstuffs and defines its conditions.

In order to ensure that consumers are properly informed and their access to GMO-free foodstuffs is guaranteed, it has been necessary to establish a legislative framework for a GMO-free labeling in Hungary. Under the Decree, it is possible to obtain a specific labeling for foods derived from GMO-free raw materials (including meat, fish, egg, milk from animals fed with GMO-free feed, GMO-free honey and other apiary products).

The use of GMO-free labeling is voluntary. In case the manufacturer complies with the conditions laid down in the Decree, he/ she may use the wording "from GMO-free production" on the packaging. In order to obtain the labeling, the producer of the food must ensure and certify that the ingredients do not contain GMOs, ingredients derived from animals are from livestock fed with GMO-free feed and the GMO-free feeding can be traced down in the food-chain.