The Convention on Biodiversity also covers the activities related to genetically modified organisms and accordingly, detailed regulations were developed between 1995 and 2000 by the Parties, meaning the joined countries and organisations. This resulted in the creation of the Cartagena Protocol (hereinafter referred to as the “Protocol”), which was adopted on 29 January 2000 and was signed by Hungary's Minister for the Environment in May 2000.

The Protocol entered into force on 11 September 2003. The list of the Parties can be found at

The Protocol was ratified by the Hungarian Parliament on 13 January 2004. It came into force on 12 April 2004, and it was published in Act CIX/2004.

Detailed rules regarding the enforcement of the Protocol are consulted at the Conference of the Parties (COP) which has been organised every two years. Decisions made during the COPs help the efficient realisation of the Protocol's objectives.